Why Consult with Us


We are possibly the largest specialist Immigration law firm in New Zealand. We have a combination of experience and specialist training to help with any New Zealand Immigration issues.

Why use an immigration lawyer?

Our specialty is in the more difficult immigration cases, including appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, complaints on applications at managerial level of Immigration New Zealand, complaints to other bodies including Office of the Ombudsman and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, reconsiderations and appeals on declined visas of any type.

While many licensed Immigration Advisers also provide quality advice, many of them unfortunately have very limited training, experience or English language skills. As trained lawyers, we have expertise in Administrative Law and a wealth of experience in Immigration Law. We are capable of tackling any problems that might occur during any Immigration application or appeal.

By law, New Zealand lawyers are exempt from registration with IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority) and can give immigration advice without a licence. Refer to IAA link "Who is exempt?"

The advantage of instructing McClymont and Associates to act on your behalf therefore can be summarised as follows:

  • The firm has a total combined experience of more than 27 years in immigration law. The lawyers are New Zealand trained with law degrees and Master’s Degrees in Law and are all native English speakers. With professionals taking care of your visa application, you can invest more time and energy to your life and work.
  • Immigration work is all about law rules and regulations. These are taught in law schools and lawyers are required to properly analyse and argue immigration cases. In order to become a licensed Immigration Adviser a much lower level of experience and training is required. Many Immigration Advisers have a poor understanding of English, have no legal training and have very little experience. Whilst many advisers are able to lodge simple applications the arguing of complex legal issues in appeals and declines is an area which should be left exclusively for lawyers.
  • Your interest is protected. McClymont and Associates operate a Trust Account which is regularly monitored and audited by the New Zealand Law Society. All money paid into the Trust Account must be receipted and accounted for and billed only upon completion of the work required. Clients are entitled to access the information regarding payment of funds, disbursements and billing at any time. Any complaints regarding our services can be made directly to the New Zealand Law Society who is obliged by law to investigate and make a decision on the complaint. The New Zealand Law Society have the power to enforce a refund of fees, impose a monetary penalty or even the cancellation of a Practicing Certificate if it is found that we have breached rules regarding code of conduct for lawyers.

    You can search for information of our lawyers at the New Zealand Law Society website